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From trendy NY CHAOS to dozens of PINK ELEPHANT branches in Brazil


This is the great trajectory of the administrator Giuliano de Luca, whose great mentor was David Sarner, one of the greatest milestones of the United States and holder of CHAOS, the best luxury club of the 90s.


This union of expertise between businessmen and other investors allowed the inauguration of CHAOS São Paulo, in 1998. However, the following year, unfortunately, a fire destroyed the house.


The turnaround

After the incident, there was no discouragement. The search for a property to bring the best of the track to the Brazilian public continued. Thus, it was decided to open another nightclub, the highly regarded DISCO, which had a long life of 17 years.



After selling his stake in DISCO in 2008, Giuliano found a great friend, Rocco Ancarolla, one of the 10 greatest promoters in the world, director of PINK ELEPHANT's New Year's Eve, in Punta Del Este. It was there that the entrepreneur got to know the famous brand of the “pink elephant”, a moment in which he aroused the interest of bringing here another entertainment brand recognized worldwide.


The rescue of DISCO

More than 10 years passed before, finally, it was possible to put into practice the dream of rescuing the nightclub that caught fire. An unpretentious trip to New York was responsible for a casual reunion with David Sarner, now owner of the official PINK ELEPHANT brand.


As the relationship of trust was already solid since DISCO, the businessmen decided that the time had come to open a PINK ELEPHANT on Brazilian soil.


The nightclub that sold the most champagnes in the world

Most successful across Latin America. That is how we can define the Brazilian PINK ELEPHANT. More than 30 franchises spread across all states. Since arriving in the country in 2009, the house has spread its DNA of frenzy and glamor.


Many champagnes were sold on nights full of sophistication and personalities.



The new era

After all the success, PINK ELEPHANT also has a new initiative aimed at franchisees in the entertainment sector: a national drink option with superior quality to competitors, with a very competitive price. In this way, the great launch comes: the PINK ELEPHANT CRYSTAL vodka.


It took five years to arrive at the perfect national vodka formula. The process has five distillations, 35 filtrations on active charcoal and three days for the drink to be "softened" in quartz stones. It will be the great revolution in the beverage sector with the combination of the best of the tracks.



WhatsApp Image 2021-03-03 at
Pedro Almeida


"Great Pink Elephant is certainly one of the most unforgettable brands of Brazilian night. I was honored to be a resident of Pink in São Paulo, at the historic Thursday parties. A club that I have a huge affection, allowed me to develop my artistic path as a DJ and producer.
Like Pedro Almeida and Make, we participated in several openings in Brazil. I can mention the opening of São Paulo yesterday I played all night and the memorable Brasilia with the Makes. A huge kiss to Giuliano and the entire Pink Elephant crew, long life and always together. "



“PINK was and is part of my life with all my soul. Place of professional achievement, a unique opportunity to mature, which allowed me to be one of the most famous mixologists in Brazilian nightclubs. Without a doubt, this brand has left an immeasurable legacy. ”

Frederico Sampaio

General Coordinator of Operations & Marketing - Grupo Multi Empresas RS

“Working at PINK means knowing how to understand everyone's needs, from the team to the customer. And we made the success of what was already good to become eternal. ”

Marco Hanna


"Pink was a milestone in the history of clubs in São Paulo and Brazil. In addition to being one of the most important moments of my career as a DJ, it was a game changer in innovation and technology in order to bring a unique experience to the At Pink it was New Year's Eve every day, a unique energy never seen the night before.

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